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Maleka Jackson

About Her:

Maleka Jackson had a clear vision of the goals that she wanted for her life.  She was brilliant, highly organized, a go-getter, and an ambitious person. Maleka had a clear understanding of what she wanted to accomplish and was great at creating a plan for making it happen. She believed in giving back to those in need and was very aware of her sacrifice’s impact on others. She not only wanted to provide to those in need, but also to inspire others to take the lead and become role models for others to follow. In addition to her willingness to help others, she had a huge heart, a beautiful spirit, and a loving personality. She always had a smile on her face, with a magnetic personality that attracted those who had the opportunity to spend time around her. As a devoted mother, wife, and friend, she demonstrated the love that she had for her family and ensured that she did her part to provide the love and happiness they needed. As a student and business professional, she exemplified a solid work ethic and believed in hard work to achieve what you deserve. As a child of God, she righteously lived her life, allowing God to be a part of everything she did.

Reliving her Special Moments

Scholarship Purpose

The Maleka Jackson Scholarship Endowment Foundation was founded on Maleka’s vision to help motivated students who need a little assistance with matriculating through college receive the monetary support that they need to move closer to their hopes and dreams of graduation without having to carry a significant financial burden.  She prided herself on continuing her education and always believed that one of her responsibilities was to give back to those who needed some help to lessen that financial strain as they began the transition from college and out into the ‘real world.’  The MJSEF will provide students with up to $5,000 per year of financial support to provide educational expenses such as tuition, books, room & board, and other select living costs.  



Maleka Jackson was a native of Chattanooga, TN. She attended Tennessee State University in 1996 and earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Arts and Sciences in 2000.  While at TSU, Maleka became a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and played a significant role in ensuring that the sisterhood within her sorority always remained strong.  She also encouraged service and giving back to those in need and embodied the moniker “Think, Work, Serve.” 

She began her career as an elementary school teacher, and after the birth of her son, Cameron, decided that she did not want to go back to teaching, at least not in that capacity.

Maleka went back to graduate school to earn her MBA and leveraged that to move into accounting and higher education administration. She spent time working with college students, preparing them for their transition into the workforce as they approached graduation.  During her time in this role, she found her higher purpose and desire was to help hire those students and begin their corporate careers. Hence, she went back to earn her Masters’ degree in Human Resources and became an HR Executive for several Fortune 500 companies.

She later directed her focus on helping minority candidates make their way into C-level opportunities and was named Director of Diversity & Inclusion before her unfortunate passing.


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